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We are committed to bringing the best fitness experience to all members through knowledgeable staff, state of the art facility, and innovative programs.
Our primary goal is to inspire and motivate each individual to be the best possible version of thy self.

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Richmond Hill

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The gym is a spacious, two-level facility that provides state of the art equipment for all its members. Our newest feature includes a performance bootcamp program with an indoor turf area.


When you enter Fitness Connection Richmond Hill, there are things you can expect. The state of the art facility is spacious, comfortable, and always clean.


Try our NEW FAST training – Functional, Athletic, Strength and Teamwork! Learn more and get a FREE pass today.


Our members have already seen a difference. Read testimonials from real members who have seen a difference. Click here

  • Joanna

    “Very inspiring, I’ve done a few other programs at other gyms and I just find the camaraderie here makes a big difference. It’s like a family, were very motivated to keep each other going. It’s just a fantastic way to build confidence and strength.”

  • Brooke
    “I always feel a bit intimidated when coming to the gym. I really like coming here because I feel like I’m a part of a class, someone’s telling me what to do. Someone’s correcting me if I’m doing things wrong”
  • Claud
    “Quick trigger it’s fast, it fits my lifestyle… You got someone leading you, someone shouting at you to go faster and harder. You’re working out with some teammates. Just encouraging.”

Group Fitness


Please note on Family Day we will be open from 8am-6pm, with no classes. We hope…

Check out our new classes for Winter 2019! Iron Beats: Get lean, toned and fit…