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Covid-19 Policies

For the Safety of All of Our Members + Staff:

    • You must wear a mask/face covering to enter the club.  You are asked to wear your mask/face covering when entering and leaving the building and in the change rooms.  If you are engaging with our staff, please stand behind the barrier with your mask/face covering on.
    • Members DO NOT need to wear their masks/face coverings when engaging in physical activity.
    • If you forget a mask, you can purchase one at the reception for $1.00 CAD
    • You MUST have your key tag in order to enter the club. If you have lost your key tag or require a replacement, you can purchase one from reception.
    • You must book your gym time online via our app.  Please see section below on BOOKING for FULL details.
    • If you walk in without a spot booked, you will be asked to wait outside until their is a spot available.
    • There is no loitering in the lobby area or in any area of the club.  The staff have full authority to ask for you to wait outside or leave the club at the end of your scheduled time. We want to ensure a safe and physical distanced space for all members and staff at all times.
    • At this time, we cannot accept personal shakers at the Pro Shop.  To reduce exposure to our staff, we will provide you with a disposable cup/lid.
    • We encourage you to NOT drink directly from the water fountain.  Our fountains are equipped to fill your bottles and encourage that you use this method instead, or you can purchase a bottle of water at reception.

Updates to our Safety Cleaning Practices:

  • All Fitness Connection Clubs will undergo an intensive, deep clean, prior to reopening.
  • We have invested in Environize Anolyte 500 1 minute Healthcare Disinfectant, this will ensure all our clubs receive a comprehensive thorough cleaning every day.
  • We also have invested in Nano-Septic Self Cleaning film that has been placed on all high traffic touchpoints (including: cardio equipment, all screens, door handles and bars).  You are asked to NOT wipe the film down as it will activate within 30 seconds you touching it.  Our staff have been properly trained to wipe the film down throughout their shifts.
  • Our staff will be cleaning the facilities every 30 minutes.  Please wipe down your own locker, or anything touched in the washrooms after use.
  • Our employees will ensure special attention is always given to high-touch surfaces.
  • Members will be required to wipe down their equipment BEFORE and AFTER each use. To make this convenient, additional spray bottles will be placed throughout Clubs. Please DO NOT spray the equipment directly.  Spray the paper towel provided first and then wipe down the surfaces.
  • Additional hand sanitizer has been made available, including the installation of hand sanitizer stations at many point locations throughout the club.
  • Protective barriers have been installed at designated locations where Employees and Members meet.
  • All Fitness Connection Employees will be required to wear masks, with the exception of group fitness instructors who are actively teaching a class; they will be required to stay 6ft from members when teaching.
  • Locker availability will be reduced. Note: Some provincial guidelines prohibit the use of lockers in fitness clubs at this stage of reopening.
  • We will update all members and staff of any additional safety and cleaning measures that we must take as governed by the Province of Ontario and public health officials.

Why Online Booking?

With online booking, we are providing the safest Club environment possible AND a positive experience for our Members.

Here’s how it helps you and our staff:

  1. Guaranteed workout time: Members will be greeted into the Club when your workout is scheduled to begin.
  2. Maintain safe Club Capacity: A preset capacity for each Club helps facilitate physical distancing and reduces the potential spread of communicable illnesses.
        1. You can work out without booking, BUT with capacity limits, you will only be allowed entry if there is space. A booking guarantees your spot. If there is no space available, you will be asked to wait outside until a space is open.

As we reopen, we’ll continue to monitor the system and your feedback and update our procedures where needed. We will also respect and abide by the ruling of the Provincial Government and Public Health officials.  All members will be notified if any of the booking procedures are to change within a reasonable time frame.


  • Please ensure you bring your Fitness Connection key tag when you come for your workout. This will ensure you start your workout on time.
  • Members will be permitted to book into pre-scheduled 1.5 hour time-slots, up to 3-days in advance of their Club reopening.
  • To ensure everyone has a chance to work out, Members are permitted to book only ONE (1) time block per day however, they are welcome to try and walk-in at any other time block, as many times as they like, on the same day.
  • Members who no-show on their Club access bookings more than twice in a 2-week period will be unable to book for 7 days. These Members will be permitted to walk-in, if space is available.
  • To avoid booking sanctions, Members must ensure they always cancel at least 1 hour in advance of the booking start time. Cancellations received with less than 1-hour notice will be considered late and will count towards the Member’s no shows.
  • At the end of a workout time-slot, all Members must leave the Club, regardless of their Club entry time.
  • Club capacity is calculated on a Club-by-Club basis, based on the square footage of the Club and the bookable areas.
  • Members who have not shown up for their workout at 45 minutes after the beginning of their booking time-slot may have their spots given away if there are walk-in Members waiting to enter.


At this time the following amenities and equipment WILL NOT be available:

        • Towel Service
        • Sauna Access
        • TRX Equipment
        • Bands
  • You are encouraged to bring any small equipment from home that you wish to workout with.  Please ensure these items are sanitized BEFORE entering the club.


  • Ensure that you are wiping down equipment BEFORE and AFTER use
  • Please spray disinfectant onto the paper towel first and not directly onto equipment
  • DO NOT wipe any screens in the club.  We have invested in Nano Septic Self Cleaning Screens that activate within 30 seconds of contact.

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