What is Danglefit

Danglefit is Back Care, Fitness, Fun and Games. But wait there is more, Danglefit is also Brain Care.

Let’s first look at what we do and how it serves us ie. back care.
what we do in Danglefit.

First we invert, but not completely vertical, yet. We invert our bodies so that our bodies make about a 25 degree angle with the floor (inversion level 1). When we get used to that angle then we adjust our Danglefit sling higher such that the angle increases the inversion to about 35 degrees off the floor (inversion level 2). Then we gradually increase the angle in that manner until we are completely vertical off the floor. There are two other levels (level 3 and level 4) before full vertical inversion.
This picture is an example of inversion level 3 and 4. notice the lady on the right, her buttock is closer to the floor and the lady on the left her buttock is higher of the floor?

This process of inversion serves two purposes.

  1. to program the legs to do a certain thing ( which is, legs go wide, wrap legs around the sling and touch the bottom of the feet together (diamond lock).
  2. to gradually increase greater volume of blood flow to our head, so as to avoid getting a head ache or nausea. This is the inversion process.

How does this serve us?

Back Care:
As far as I know scientists have looked at, and studied the human body form a standing position, from a sitting position from a lying down position but never from an inverted position. But when I invert my students I have noticed very good and interesting things happening to them.
One of the most common causes of back pain and sciatica is a bulging disc or herniated disc. This is when the disc bulges out from under the spinal column and puts pressure on the surrounding spinal nerves causing pain.
The best way I know of to correct this is to invert the body vertically.
But before we go to full inversion everyone must set a postulate first before full inversion.
That is to be explained in another post.
By inverting the body in a very gentle and progressive manner we allow the spine to gently elongate and decompress itself. The spine gets longer, you get taller. (Are you thinking that this may be an antidote for aging people who are getting shorter as we age? uum!
As the spine decompresses, gets longer, creating space between the vertebrae, the spine acts like a suction cup or a vacuum and draws the herniated disc or bulging disc back under the spinal column and remove pressure from the spinal nerve and alleviate the back pain. As well this stretches out the muscles of the back and spine. By doing Danglefit we can treat such back pain conditions as Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, and more.
Did that make sense to you?
Was that helpful?
If I have confused you or if you have questions or concerns please send them to me, so I can explain and unconfused you before we go further.

By doing such exercise as one legged squats and mid air push ups we can tax the body in ways that it has never been physically taxed before. We can also stretch muscles that you never thought you had, and in ways that you could never stretch them before.

By doing circus movements in an inverted position such as aerial salsa and figure 8 we are calling on the brain to do things in ways that it has never been done before. This causes the brain to develop new neural pathways. This is good!

Hanging upside down and passing a ball around calls upon the brain to do things in ways that it has never done before. Reading and writing from an inverted position, counting in another language from an upside down position all this causes the brain to be constantly working to create new neural pathways.

Could this help to develop human creativity?
With the increased blood flow (nutrient and oxygen) to the brain, could this help to better nourish the brain and cause it to function better?
Could we treat some brain disorders with this inversion therapy?
We know that when we invert, we flush the lymphatic system and therefore strengthens the immune system. Could this help to fight off the common cold and other irritating conditions?
We know that when we invert we caused lapsed organs to move back into place and alleviate the stress of constant gravity on them. Could this cause them to regenerate and therefore last longer?

Some Benefits of Danglefit are:

  • Spinal Decompression, alleviate back pain
  • Create new neural pathways (may improve brain function)
  • Increases blood flow to your brain, (could get smarter)
  • Improves self-confidence and balance in the aging population
  • Slows/Reverses the aging process
  • Improves mobility, and posture
  • Witness your spine grow inches in minutes
  • Alleviates herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis, soar back
    and more