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Both inspired by the classical movements of ballet and Pilates. This fun workout will get your heart pumping with very low impact. Perfect for those who wish to improve their posture, tone their muscles and gain flexibility. The barre is used to assist you in balancing while working on isometric training and fluid healthy movements in the joints.Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and Strength TrainingMedium to High310
average calories
Provided: Barre, Mats, Resistance BandsPromotes healthy posture and balance. Helps tone the body, but especially legs, as well as strengthening the core and back muscles.
CorYogaCombines the many benefits of yoga stretching, breathing, and mental concentration with a gentle but challenging fitness workout. It is a sequential series of fluidic yoga moves set to a unique combination of exhilarating rhythmic and soothing new age music.YogaMedium340
average calories
Yoga mat (Bring your own)Promotes healthy back and spine. It is also designed specifically to restore vitality and youthfulness and is ideal for one who is mature and less flexible. Overall it also reduces stress levels.
Combat FitThe martial arts inspired workout that unleashes your stress and energy. Punch and kick your way to a healthier you.Circuit TrainingMedium to High340
average calories
Provided: Barbells, Agility Ladders, Body Bar, Balls, Battle RopesImproves functional strengthening and the ability to de stress from the workout. You leave feeling stronger both in the body and mind.
Hatha YogaRelax, unwind and de-stress your body, mind and spirit. Traditional yoga tones and strengthens your body. The strong focus is on deep and conscious breathing combined with stretching and holding yoga poses to release tension.Classical YogaLow to Medium290
average calories
Bring Your Own: Yoga MatRelaxes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes. Increases muscle tone, flexibility, balance as well as lung capacity. Stimulates the immune system and promotes deep sleep. Improves concentration, creativity, and memory. Creates an overall sense of well-being and inner peace.
Elite SculptVariety of exercises to burn body fat and build muscles. Exercises include dumbbell shoulder presses, standing dumbbell curls, standing overhead tricep extensions, body bar squats, planks, sit up crunches, burpees, and much more. These exercises will help you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.Cardiovascular and Strength TrainingMedium to High500
average calories
Provided: Free Weights, Body BarsStrength training, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular health.
PilatesPilates Mat Classes focuses on developing a strong core, long lean muscles, exibility, balance and stamina.Mind and BodyMedium to High400
average calories
Provided: Balls, Light Weights, BandsA refreshing mind-body workout, long lean muscles and exibility, a strong core, an evenly conditioned body that can prevent sports injuries and improve performance in sport, dance and just about every other daily activity.
Spin (Hill + HIIT)One hour spin class for beginners to advanced, non-competitive and low impact. Includes warm up, 4 dierent stages, cool down, and stretches. Each stage includes: hill, high intensity intervals, and recovery by paying attention to correct posture and form to ensure injury prevention for years of spinning.High Intensity Interval Training CardioMedium to High530
average calories
Provided: Matrix IC5 Spin BikesGreat cardiovascular, endurance, and calorie burning workout to high energy music. Hills provide resistance strength training and high intensity intervals to help improve cardiovascular conditioning. Eective means of burning body fat and increase metabolism.
Tai ChiTai Chi is an internal martial art. It is composed of gentle and flowing movements. Practising Tai Chi helps one to cultivate the proper flow of vital energy in the body, improve posture, muscle strength, balance, flexibility and overall well-being. It brings calmness and peace to mind. Yang style Tai Chi is taught in the class.Exercise Type: Mind body movement – slow, gentle and smoothLow to Medium
Vinyasa YogaThe practice of Vinyasa Yoga includes breathing and movement together, led through a sequence of vigorous poses.Aerobic ExerciseLow to Medium360
average calories
Bring Your Own: Yoga Mat, Blocks, StrapsIncreases flexibility, balance and stamina while building your core strength.
Yin YogaA series of long-held, passive oor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body (the hips, pelvis, inner, thighs, lower spine). These areas are especially rich in connective issues. The poses are held for up to ve minutes (sometimes longer).Strength and FlexibilityMedium to High180
average calories
NoneCalms and balances the mind and body, stress and anxiety reduction, increased circulation, improved flexibility, fascial release, greater joint mobility, balance to the internal organs and improved ow of prana through meridian stimulation.
Whole Body BalanceThis class is designed to bring awareness and strength into your whole body through a variety of movements. With a strong focus on healthy posture which will challenge your strength, balance, and endurance. Be prepared for a balance of hard work and rest leaving your body, mind and spirit energized and refreshed.Cardio, Pilates and Strength TrainingMedium250
average calories
Provided: Balls, Light Weights, BandsPromotes healthy posture, strong body and mind. Achieving strength in functional movemenet and total body awareness which will also teach you how to move safely in your day to day lives.
ZumbaPerfect combination of fun and fitness, for adults who enjoys dance and a good workout. A modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity. Easy to follow dance routine that features aerobic and fitness interval training. Exercise in disguise.Dance Inspired CardioMedium550
average calories
NoneClass focuses on all elements of fitness and improving cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, exibility and balance. A total workout combining all elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, and boosted energy.