Excite Treadmill 1000

Excite Treadmill 1000

Enjoy the natural sensation of outdoor running on a adaptive surface. The UNITY™ 3.0 digital console offers a unique experience allowing users to bring their outdoor run indoors by programming their routes on this revolutionary piece.

Excite Synchro 1000

Excite Syncro

By mimicking the natural bodily movements of running or walking, the revolutionary elliptical provides an extremely effective cardio workout.


Excite Climb

Excite Climb

Excite® CLIMB has forever changed the game of stair climbing. It’s award-winning technology allows first time users to quickly adapt to the demands of stair climbing while offering experienced users their toughest challenge.


Excite Recline 1000

Excite® Recline offers the ideal cycling experience for those looking for a moderate cardio workout and additional comfort.


Excite Bike 1000

Excite Bike

Enjoy the natural sensation of riding outdoors. Its functionally efficient and ergonomically correct design offer a variety of positions to peak your performance.


Excite Crossover 1000

Excite Crossover

Excite® Crossover engages multiple upper and lower body muscle groups through an effective cardio workout that also benefits your core, balance, stability, and coordination – perfect for any level of conditioning.


Excite Vario 1000

Excite® Vario is the first of its kind – it follows your stride and automatically adapts to your movement pattern. Its no-impact movement and infinite trajectories assures variety and effectiveness to your training.

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