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Abs, Butt, and ThighsThis 45 minute class offers a variety of exercises and tools designed to target the abdominals, glutes and legs. Strengthen, tone, build muscle, and burn calories with a challenging workout that changes weekly.a variety of workouts that may include, strength training, flexibility, cardio, circuits, pilates and balance.Medium to High ( modifications are always offered )300Provided: free weights, body bars, stability balls, bender balls, glider discs, mats, STEP Promotes a healthier posture by strengthening the core, legs, glutes and back, while also building muscle, overall toning and burning calories.
BarreThis fun and challenging workout is inspired by ballet and fitness as well as Pilates and Yoga. The barre is used to help you balance and stretch, as well as various pieces of equipment. This workout tones and tightens all areas of the body creating long, lean muscles. Core stability, improved flexibility, postural strength and alignment, toning of abs, arms and legs are benefits of this full body workout. Barre focuses on isometric movements and low impact exercises to burn calories.Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, Strength, Cardio, StretchingMedium to High310Bring Your Own: Mat Long lean toned muscles, increased strength, increased flexibility, improved range of motion, improves posture, strengthens core and back stability
Barrlates with AmandaThis signature fusion class offers a unique blend of Pilates principles, Barre, and strength training. This high energy, low impact, total body workout will tone the core, glutes, legs and arms. Created with Pilates principles in mind, the class will focus on proper form, alignment and body awareness. Become more energized, flexible and strong
Bootcamp with JenniferBurn fat, build muscle and boost your metabolism with this heart pumping circuit style boot camp class. Maximize your results with compound movements, cardio bursts and challenging core exercises using a variety of fitness equipment that changes weekly. Modifications are always given.
Cardio KickboxingUsing kickboxing techniques, this class aims to to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, and balance. No prior martial arts experience necessary.Cardio & Martial ArtsLow to Medium500Bring Your Own: Gloves (Sold on Location)Build stamina, improve coordination and flexibility, and burn calories
Conditioning BootcampThis dynamic full body conditioning class will effectively build lean muscle, burn fat and fire up your metabolism.A blend of resistance training, HIIT, cardio and calisthenics.Medium to High (modifications are always offered )Depends on how hard you push yourself and perform each movement properly! Anywhere from 24-48 hour post-burn.Provided: A blend of bars, bells and sometimes ball and step. The ultimate piece of equipment is your body.Other than build muscle and burn fat, this class will increase muscular strength and cardiovascular health.
Energy Yoga with KristaRelax, strengthen and energize your mind, body and spirit with focused meditative techniques that zero in on breath and poses geared to raising positive energy in the body for health and well-being. This class is great for all levels.
Muscle MixMuscle mix is designed to condition the full body with challenging moves that can be excecuted by beginners and novice alike. Including some cardio to warm up and energize your mind, followed by using your own body weight and/or a variety of equipment including hand weights. You will leave feeling energized. Helena's saying is ... " Fitness is your shower on the inside. "Strength TrainingMedium to High (modifications are always offered )300Provided: Weights, bars, matImprove your balance, strengthen and tone your muscles, lose weight, and relieve stress.
Power Barre with ValCore connection is the focus with this full body fusion workout. In each energizing and targeted workout, you will use a variety of exercise tools to promote core strength, stability, flexibility and muscle tone.
Rip N LiftCore connection is the focus with this full body fusion workout. In each energizing and targeted workout, you will use a variety of exercise tools to promote core strength, stability, flexibility and muscle tone."Get Ripped" features long sets of high repetitions to build both endurance and definition and is choreographed to the music to help keep you on pace.Medium to High ( modifications are always offered )500Provided: free weights, STEP, mat, body bar, stability ball, bender ball, gliding discsBurn calories, build muscle and strength, improve you agility and stamina, improve core strength, posture and confidence.
SpinBring water and a towel for a fun 55 minute ride on a stationary bike, followed by a well-deserved stretch. Proper posture and bike adjustments are promoted to avoid injuries. Simulating the outdoor experience, we will bike at an easy pace of a flat road and slowly increase intensity to uphill climbs and fast speed down hill speeds. Depending on class size, upper body is exercised with resistance bands to a get a full body workout. Enjoy the music, challenge yourself or just go at your own pace.CardioAll levels welcome500-700Bring Your Own: TowelEvery class will challenge your cardio and boost your metabolism.
Step & Strength30 minutes of Cardio Step Training & 30 minutes of weight training! A perfect combo for mega calorie burning! 30 minutes of basic cardio step means no boring cardio, then 30 minutes of weights gets you stronger & leaner!Cardio & strength trainingMedium to High (You need to know your basic steps)500Provided: Steps, weights, bars, mat Basic step choreography and basic strength training
TABATATABATA is a series of four minute exercise sequences. It is great for strength endurance. Many exercises will use just body weight, but additional tools such as barbells, mats, and steps may be used as well. Cardio endurance and Strength trainingMedium to High600Provided: Weights, bars, matImprove your strength and cardio endurance with this class
Tempo BootcampA strength training done to a quick specific beat that increases your heart rate as well as strengthening your body from head to toe! HIIT also included in this strength training programAerobic Strength trainingMedium to High300-400Provided: Weights, bars, matFull body basic workout. A no nonsense no complex choreography serious workout. Goal is to add muscle to your body to aid in strength, weight loss and faster metabolism
Tempo Strength CircuitsClass is programmed in 4 basic weight training circuits with HIIT internals between each circuit. Strength training plus balance training using Simply Fit BoardsMedium to High400Provided: Step, weights, bar, Simply Fit Board, matTotal body workout with bonus balance work. Gain strength, cardio & better balance.
VinyasaAn active, flowing class that links conscious breathing with mindful movements of the body.YogaMedium400Bring Your Own: Mat Increased strength and flexibility. Improved cardiovascular health and balance of the body and mind.
YogaThe practice of Vinyasa Yoga includes breathing and movement together, led through a sequence of vigorous poses.Aerobic ExerciseLow to Medium360Bring Your Own: Yoga Mat, Blocks Increases exibility, balance and stamina while building your core strength.
ZUMBA GOLD®This particular class is great for those looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love, but at a lower-intensity. It will focus a bit more on balance and coordination through dancing.Cardio & AerobicLow to Medium300-400Class focuses on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance!
ZUMBA TONING®: This class combines the fun of a normal Zumba® class but adds handweights to provide a strength training experience you may not even notice. Your Zumba® workout will target areas like arms, shoulders,core and legs to your favourite upbeat musicCardio & Aerobic Strength TrainingMedium350-600Provided: Weights"Lightweight [dumbbells] enhances sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body."
ZUMBA® This class provides a fusion of Latin, pop, and international music to create a fun-filled workout "...and based on the principle that a workout should be "FUN AND EASY TO DO." The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind."Cardio & AerobicAll levels welcome350-450"A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class."