FC Bootcamp Group Functional Training

Get the ultimate personal training experience without breaking the bank. Add our Group Functional Training to your strength and conditioning program! Our program is specifically designed to help you burn fat and build muscle through fun and exciting team oriented workouts.

At FC Bootcamp Group Functional Training, you will experience a program consisting of high intensity, full body workouts that strengthen the core, upper and lower bodies, while also improving other components of fitness such as conditioning, mobility, and flexibility! Experience a structured program that is for everyone of all fitness levels. Our coaches have developed creative programs to build lean muscle and target your problem areas. Each class brings its own unique challenges and no two classes will be the same to maximize results.

Email us as info@fitnessconnection.ca or call 416.441.2411 to secure your spot today. 

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Group Training Schedule

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* Results are not guaranteed and depend on the individual and their fitness plan