Manual Manipulation with Lara

What is Manual Manipulation?

  • Manual Manipulation are modalities used in massage therapy in order to accomplish the goals outlined in a treatment plan.
  • With prework out sessions, assisted stretching and/or isometric isolating movements can increase blood flow and prevention of impairments. Properly elongated muscles can expand easily as blood and oxygen flood the area.
  • Muscle flushing, myofacial stretching and release, low grade joint mobilization, trigger point release and a sense of relaxation are all attainable within a short time period post workout. Post workout, muscle tissue is warm, limber and ideal for all modalities. Maximizing the workout with a sense of completion.
  • All modalities are performed pain free, controlled with the client’s comfort level dictating the pace.
  • Not being a general relaxation type of bodywork communication between I and the client is frequent and questions of pressure, discomfort and pain will be asked regularly.
  • Modalities are performed on site at the gym in padded chairs equipped with arm rests and face cradles.
  • Equipment is thoroughly wipe down between clients.
  • Towels are used and disposed with each and every appointment. There is no undressing or draping and is done over the clothes. No oil or lotion is used either.


My name is Lara Villanueva. I am 2014 Sutherland Chan graduate with a certificate of massage from the school. I currently do freelance work as a CMP (chair massage practitioner) for staffers in the industry.

At FC, I have worked with individuals with frozen shoulder impairment, meniscus issues, limitation of a joint’s range of motion, pain from overlapping internal scar tissue and hypersensitivity in the lower extremities due to muscle tears. Thru Manual Manipulation, I have addressed these issues with remarkable results.

As an individual with education in anatomy, assessment, remedial exercise, self care, treatment planning and client intake, I can assist clients in achieving maximum relaxation and rehabilitation. More importantly I have palpation, a touch of intent. Making Manual Manipulation my specialty and passion.

All the best,
Lara Villanueva

Manual Manipulation Fees

6 x 15 minute sessions for $120 + hst

6 x 30 minute sessions for $210 + hst

Sessions can be purchased at reception – members may call in to make payment. You can book your appointment through Lara directly once set up.

Available at the Don Mills Location