Owen Testimonial

I joined Fitness Connection back in November 2016. In my first few weeks at the gym, I had focused a workout using a few of the machines and some of the free weights. My routine was repetitive and limited and I didn’t fully understand which muscle groups my workout was affecting. While working on the leg press on day, one of the instructors approached me to show me my footing was wrong.  My feet where too high up.  We talked a bit about my goals, what I wanted to achieve and how I planned to get there.  I wanted to become a body builder, building strength and keeping uniformity. Read more

I decided to started a 3 month training session with Adrian, one of the personal trainers. He was a former bodybuilder and competed in several bodybuilding competitions. The training started at the beginning of January and we would work on various muscle groups though out the training weeks. I weighed 177 lbs at the start and we set a goal to add 10 lbs in muscle (more or less). Each week I would train three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday became my favorite day, of the week when we worked legs.  As I found out, squats are one of the best at building muscle, not just for the legs but the whole body.  Adrian would keep changing the program as I progressed, pushing me when needed, teaching me how to do each exercise properly and ensuring that I worked out accident free.  After the three month term had finished I was about 10 lbs heavier and people I worked with were noticing a difference.  I decided to continue on with my personal trainer. It’s been 8 months now, and I am almost at 200lbs. I’m 52… not bad for an old timer.

You can achieve so much more with a personal trainer than trying to do it yourself and there are some great techniques for body building that you will only get from an experienced partner or personal trainer, such as drop sets or having that extra hand to lighten the load so you can go past failure.I always feel great after a good workout, and the people I work with have been commenting on the changes they are seeing in me.  Even today as I write this, one of my work mates walked by me and did a double take, asked If I had lost weight and I said no, I have gained, and explained that I am going to the gym and have a personal trainer helping me. – Owen