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Personal Trainer

Frank Jorges

Frank Jorges career has spanned a few decades. Since he embarked on this life long journey of learning he has encountered numerous situations which have made him seek out more educated individuals with a vast knowledge of both physical and neurological understanding to help him. With this resource he has started to see things in a different light and in so doing began to apply his knowledge to better help his vast array of clientele.

Frank’s clients range from Teens too well over 70 years young. As well as clients with special limitations be it physical or neurological. Frank’s understanding of movement and muscles makes him a well rounded individual in the scope of exercise. I love Personal Training because I can educate clients that it is never too late to become fit and/or healthy.
Personal Trainer


My name is Shamim and I am PT. I first gained an interest in fitness when I was 7 years old. This interest quickly developed into a passion and since then I have been dedicated to understanding the most effective and efficient way to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat through training and nutrition. This journey began when I initially started coaching friends for fun and developed chosen career path. This career path was an obvious choice for me as I have a natural ability to coach and motivate people to understand and trust my methods in training and nutrition.

Personal Trainer

Linval Reid

Linval is certified through Can- Fit- Pro as a Personal Trainer Specialist and through the Canadian Red Cross as a CPR trained. 

He is the founder of ‘Linval’s Elite Fitness’ is a positive and helpful professional trainer whose talent is simple, but innovative style has inspired many individuals to the extent that they have gone on to become exemplars in fitness and health. Some of his clients are now competitive body builders and fitness coaches. 



Athletic Therapist

Hollie Lau

From 2016 to 2017, I had the opportunity to work with the Ottawa Redblacks andSaskatchewan Roughriders Professional Football Teams. When football players are injured and the play stops, Athletic Therapists are the ones to run on field and quickly determine whether the athlete can return to play with some taping or treatment, or need to be removed from the field for further assessment.

Active rehabilitation forms the foundation of my treatment philosophy that “movement is healing” by prescribing therapeutic exercises – physical activities that help restore and build flexibility, range of motion, strength, and proprioception. Athletic Therapy can  rapidly help everyone return to everyday life – whether they are recovering from an ergonomic injury, sports injury, or the elderly balancing, walking, and taking the stairs.

Fitness Consultant

Adrian Scallan

My own early Bodybuilding started way back with my Competitive career and allowed me to earn Multiple Top 3 Podium finishings including Mr. South Central Ontario., Mr. Toronto., and Mr. Northern Ontario to; name a few.

My passion continues today still training after the young age of 16 packing on the muscle for competition then and on into my Fifth decade of life. That first weightlifting 101 class with the instructor ” Mr. Canada” Andre Begin back in John Abbott College in Quebec to enrolling in the Ontario Fitness Leadership program @ Seneca college helped my understanding of the fitness lifestyle. However, the years in the Trenches with practical hands-on experience developing programs coaching people of all walks of life and selling the fitness way of life allowed me to achieve my enduring success in a career of over 20 years + and counting still learning along the way!
Personal Trainer

Mo Malek

Over 15 years of experience in instructional fitness as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Practical knowledge of the principles of resistance, mobility, stamina, flexibility and agility. Ability to demonstrate correct techniques and moves. Special exercises for all ages and fat burning. 

Certification: Canfitpro personal trainer specialist, sport nutrition (Canadian Academy of sport Nutrition), NOC.IR/ General conditioning Course Class A, Arnold Classic Madrid Spain 2015.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Annalese Tress

Annalese joined our reception team in 2019 and quickly made her way into the role of Reception Supervisor and is now our Executive Administrative Assistant.  She has been integral to our covid safety policies and ensuring all of our members are safe. Annalese has a wide range of fitness background!

Personal Trainer + F.A.S.T Trainer

Jo Picot

Passionate for helping others transform their lives through the power of exercise and nutrition.   Skilled and certified in:  Yoga, Group Instructor, Schwinn Cycle, Older Adult Fitness, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Personally, Joanne stays healthy and active through yoga and weightlifting and has completed a few marathons.


Director of Athletic Programs

Mike Mak

As the Director, Mike oversees all fitness and training programs at FC. He created the FAST Training program wanting to help novice and experienced gym goers unleash their inner athlete by becoming stronger and feeling better through exercise, and looking a whole lot better while doing it!

His ability to work with people of different age groups and varying exercise backgrounds with great success over the past decade is what continues to drive his passion for health and fitness today. He believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to look and feel their very best.

Personally, he enjoys weight lifting and sports, is an aspiring powerlifter, and has completed a couple marathons. 

Personal Trainer + F.A.S.T Trainer


Angelina is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. With over 4 years of experience working with both adults and children she loves to curate workouts that are both fun and effective for all age groups. As someone who struggled with her health and fitness growing up Angelina is very passionate about teaching clients how to utilize the gym and group fitness classes as a tool to not only better their physical health but as well as their mental health. Angelina specializes in strength and conditioning as well as HIIT training. She has worked with a large variety of clientele, anywhere between the ages of 12 to 80+. Angelina always ensures challenging and motivational yet safe and effective workouts whether or you prefer to workout one-on-one or in a group setting. 

Qualifications: 4+ years experience in working in the Health and Fitness industry. 4+ years working as a personal trainer and group fitness at Fitness Connection. Certified personal trainer by CanFitPro.

Personal Trainer


I am a proud coach and personal trainer of Fitness Connection, Richmond Hill.  As a kid I have always had a passion for fitness which gradually led me to becoming a professional MMA competitor. In 2013 I won the national kickboxing title in Canada.  From there on I got the opportunity to train and live in Thailand, China and New York.  My amateur and professional record stands at 8 wins and 0 loses.  My last competition was held in Montreal – Concordia on October 2017, for which I took home a silver medal for woman’s 82kg freestyle wrestling competition.

Travelling and training alongside talented and professional athletes and coaches has aided in the development of my experiences and self trials. It has been a privilege becoming a fitness specialist, where I have been able to teach in various ways to help my clients understand and be in tune with their body.

Recognizing that everyone has different goals, I offer my clients a compassionate service which allows me to work with a plethora of people, coming from different nationalities, ages, and physical capabilities.  Over 12 years of experience has allowed me to learn the psychological importance of helping clients achieve their goals, not only the physical.

Personal Trainer

Chris D

Christopher DiLorenzo- Honours Specialist BSc in Kinesiology and Health Science, BEd with specialization in Biology and Physical Education.
I have 8 years of training experience from coaching youth sport teams, professional athletes, as well as helping people who are just starting their fitness journey. Working at Fitness Connection  has given me the tools to help me personally grow as a trainer, inspire individuals to create healthier habits and assist clients in crushing their own fitness goals.
Wellness Consultant + F.A.S.T Trainer


Tony is driven by his passion for health and fitness. With over 10 years of experience within the fitness industry, he continues to strive and learn new ways to evolve not only in physical strength but also with mental discipline.

In his years of designing/instructing group fitness classes in HIIT Training, Bootcamps and Cyclefit for various fitness levels and age groups, Tony’s strengths include the customization of cross training exercises that trains not only the body but also the mind.


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