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FAST Training

FAST Training

What is FAST Training?

Functional Athletic Strength Team Training is for anyone who is serious about achieving results in a fun and safe small group environment.


What separates FAST Training from other programs?

In most training group training programs/bootcamps, participants are left to their own devices when it comes to selecting how much weight to use. 

Here at FAST Training, we conduct regular testing to ensure we are prescribing the correct weight for each training protocol to maximize your results!


Class Types 

LIFT sessions are designed to increase strength and produce muscle gain by using 60%+ of 1RM on compound movements.


PUSH sessions are centered around anterior muscles and movements (squats, lunges, presses)


PULL sessions are centered around posterior muscles and movements (deadlifts, rows, pullups)


ENDURE sessions focus on cardio and muscular endurance. Workouts primarily consist of exercise on our Skill cardio pieces, plyometrics, and functional movements.


AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) sessions are a combination of LIFT + ENDURE sessions in a HIIT format. You will be pushed to your limit during these sessions. It’s not only a great way to test your physical toughness but also your mental fortitude. 


What is the importance of Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Based Training?

Training with a HRM is a great way to monitor your pace during each training session and track overall progress. This is especially important in beginners as they may not know how much to work/rest. The HRM system allows our coaches to assign rest as required. More advanced athletes will be able to exercise at greater intensity (higher HR) and recover faster. The fitter you become, the harder you will be able to work!


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Fitness Connection is a boutique gym specializing in FAST Training, Athlete Performance Programs, Group Fitness Programs and more. With a state of the art facility with Technogym equipment, come see what all the hype is about!

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