What a pleasure it has been to work with Ashley Lokhram. She has been especially good with Margot; patient, understanding and sympathetic to the issues that Margot is suffering with her right hip.

As for me, Ashley is all that you promised -prompt, cheerful and always encouraging. Training on a regular basis has been an effort for me but I can almost say I look forward to my sessions with Ashley.

Both of us realise that the most important thing we can do for ourselves in our mid-sixties is to keep healthy and fit.  For us, this doesn’t just mean eating better; it also means committing to the increased activity level we need to maintain our health and we think of our time with Ashley as an “Insurance Policy”.  The time and money spent with her so far has certainly shown benefits, and is helping us both lead a more active life.

– Jim and Margot Tushingham

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