Mike Mak

Mike is the manager of the Health Centre here at Fitness Connection. Along with our other trainers,

Mike is extremely well educated in the field. He began his training career with earning his BSc Degree
at the University of Waterloo. He then moved on and become a certified personal trainer with CanFitPro
and earned his CPR and First Aid qualifications. In recent years, Mike has also received special training in “Pilates with Stability Ball and Foam Rollers”, “Twist Conditioning” and “Bosu Ball Training”.

Mike strongly believes that each individual is capable of achieving their desired goals through hard work
and dedication. His goal as a personal trainer is to educate, motivate, and help clients reach heights they once thought impossible. He strives to maximize each individual’s physical potential and to push them to their physical limit all-the-while creating a fun, yet safe workout environment.