Hear right from our members about the difference Fitness Connection has made for them in reaching their fitness goals!


Nat Before and After

“I have been working out regularly for many years but had not tried bootcamp. Bootcamp classes are fun and challenging and every class is different. Motivating coaches push you to reach your fitness abilities and I’m always surprised what my body can do. For past 6 months I have lost 5 lbs without dieting. On the other hand, I eat a lot more than I usually do. Gained muscles and lost over 3% of body fat. My pants size went down 4 inches. I’m glad that I joined bootcamp classes and would recommend to everyone without hesitation.” – Nat

Personal Training

Trainer: Adrian 

I joined Fitness Connection in May 2016. I met with Adrian, who showed me around the gym. I was impressed with his courteous approach knowledge and friendly service.

After trying some classes, I decided to opt for personal training as I was feeling quite shy and a bit intimidated going to the gym myself and needed the motivation.In the beginning I will admit I was slow (although enthused) in following through, and my attendance was sporadic.

My health and fitness was in not the best. By January 2017, I was 195 lbs and over 35% body fat. Although I didn’t quite look it, I was technically obese. It was time for change.

Adrian was very patient and encouraging, and supported me in reaching the mini goals we set. A couple of months ago the goal was to lose 10lbs. With his encouragement and advice on nutrition I went from 195 to 185.Then, I went from 185 to 178. The goal now was to get to 160 before the end of summer. As of July 25th I was weighed and I an happy to say I am now 168!

I have cut out lots of unhealthy foods and strive consistently to eat clean. Adrian has been instrumental in helping meet my health and body goals. And I want to thank him for never giving up on me. – Jameela

I joined Fitness Connection back in November 2016. In my first few weeks at the gym, I had focused a workout using a few of the machines and some of the free weights. My routine was repetitive and limited and I didn’t fully understand which muscle groups my workout was affecting. While working on the leg press on day, one of the instructors approached me to show me my footing was wrong.  My feet where too high up.  We talked a bit about my goals, what I wanted to achieve and how I planned to get there.  I wanted to become a body builder, building strength and keeping uniformity.

I decided to started a 3 month training session with Adrian, one of the personal trainers. He was a former bodybuilder and competed in several bodybuilding competitions. The training started at the beginning of January and we would work on various muscle groups though out the training weeks. I weighed 177 lbs at the start and we set a goal to add 10 lbs in muscle (more or less). Each week I would train three days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday became my favorite day, of the week when we worked legs.  As I found out, squats are one of the best at building muscle, not just for the legs but the whole body.  Adrian would keep changing the program as I progressed, pushing me when needed, teaching me how to do each exercise properly and ensuring that I worked out accident free.  After the three month term had finished I was about 10 lbs heavier and people I worked with were noticing a difference.  I decided to continue on with my personal trainer. It’s been 8 months now, and I am almost at 200lbs. I’m 52… not bad for an old timer.

You can achieve so much more with a personal trainer than trying to do it yourself and there are some great techniques for body building that you will only get from an experienced partner or personal trainer, such as drop sets or having that extra hand to lighten the load so you can go past failure.I always feel great after a good workout, and the people I work with have been commenting on the changes they are seeing in me.  Even today as I write this, one of my work mates walked by me and did a double take, asked If I had lost weight and I said no, I have gained, and explained that I am going to the gym and have a personal trainer helping me. – Owen


Trainer: Linval 

I have now been training with Linval for almost 2 years now, and believe he is one of the most experienced &  committed trainers around. I started training three times a week because  my previous trainers were unable to get me the results that I was looking to achieve. I have really enjoyed the variety & challenge he put into my personal one-on-one session!

Linval is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My fitness and strength has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to complete more exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I find I look forward to my workouts.

• He ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries.
• He can work around an injury in my neck by constantly altering the way I do the exercises to ensure that my shoulder muscles are strengthened without any further injury to my neck
• He is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training on time, with an exercise routine planned
• He constantly changes up my exercise plan to ensure that I don’t get bored and the muscle is activated in a different way

I thoroughly enjoy working out with Linval and would recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a dedicated trainer.

Linval has been my personal trainer for the past year. He is phenomenal at what he does, to say the least. A little over a year ago I began my journey to becoming a police officer and everyday along this rollercoaster of a ride Linval has been there to push me, motivate me, and support me both the good days and bad days.

His unwavered belief in me has motivated me to never give up and to be better everyday. Since I have been training with him, I have experienced significant improvements in my cardio strength, core strength, and I have gained more muscle, which has allowed me to excel in all of my pre-screening physical tests for policing. Without Linval I would not be where I am today applying to be a police officer.

Trainer: Mike 

Training with Mike has changed my life and my health and it was the best decision I have ever madeWhen I first came to Fitness Connection I was overweight; well over 270 pounds. I was also advised by my cardiologist that I needed to lose weight or things would not turn out well. I signed up and started working out fairly regularly and started my path to losing weight. The classes that are available to all gym members were fun and I got a great workout. I was losing weight and feeling great. But I still had not got the physique that I wanted – I hit a plateau. At this point I decided to get a personal trainer, and I was assigned Mike Mak. He assessed and created a plan that suited my needs and my fitness level and would help me achieve my goals. My progress was rapid and amazing. When coming to the gym alone, I did not understand how to do various exercises properly, I did not see results and I was at risk of injuring myself. Mike guided me through my exercises and gave me pointers and tips throughout. I started noticing results and so did everyone around me. I lost a lot of weight and reached 195 pounds. Not only did I lose weight but I lost fat and was gaining muscle. With the exercises that he planned I did not even have excess skin, which was a concern of mine. A great personal achievement for me was being able to confidently take off my shirt to swim, which I had not been able to previously. My physique is the best it has been since I was 8 years old. I am now able to get regular sized clothes and not have to wear size 46 pants.”*

He [Mike] will personalize the training routine to meet your needs and allowing you to meet your goal. Before training with Mike, I had a membership at Xtreme Fitness for 2 years but I went no more than a total of three times.  Mike is a friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable trainer with the understanding and ability to make you reach your fitness goals. He will provide you with the fundamental basics to exercise and training, allowing you to take matters into your own hands and workout on the off days by yourself without fear of being inept to operate machines or having incorrect posture. He will personalize the training routine to meet your needs and allowing you to meet your goals.  He has the ability and profound judgment to subtly push you and strongly encourage you during training to reach further heights to increase performance.  He is able to meticulously balance the amount of assertion and encouragement that one needs to succeed in the training program. About a year and a half ago, I would go to Abercrombie and Fitch and purchase XXL size t-shirts, but now I find that even the Large is spacious!  Mike is an amazing trainer and I could not be any more happy with the results.  Even more so, I feel like my daily routine has more structure and balance from the time and effort I have put into training and exercising. I initially expected to join the personal training program for a couple months, but after taking part in such motivating experience and understanding how much more I still have to benefit and learn from Mike even after 1.5 years, I know that I will continue to train with Mike. My lifestyle has positively changed tremendously and I feel so much more confident with the way I approach simple daily tasks.  My involvement and commitment with Mike and the personal training program has allowed this to happen.  I definitely recommend this!”*

Fitness connection provides group exercise classes of excellent quality. Fitness connection provides group exercise classes of excellent quality. The instructors consistently deliver solid, intense workouts. There is an extensive offering that allows me to mix and match classes to create the combination that helps me to work towards my personal goals in endurance, strength and flexibility.*
I joined Fitness Connection because it felt more of a “home” gym than a fashion show. I immediately got a great connection from Mike and his team and through my first few classes felt that even though I’m not in good shape, I felt welcomed and encouraged. The gym facilities are great, the people are helpful and it’s very well located. I love it so much my wife joined as well and she’s quitting the other gym, too. Great class schedules and overall a very good place to workout no matter what you want to do.- Jake

Tai Chi (with Agnes)

In the short time I have been doing tai chi, I have noticed improved flexibility, balance and co-ordination.  Agnes is an experienced instructor with a very pleasant manner.  She is able to teach equally well beginners as those with a lot of experience. Tai chi is a wonderful alternative to yoga, for someone like me with osteoarthritis, as it has similar benefits to yoga but without the pressure on my joints. – Sylvia Tugman
If you are considering joining a Tai Chi class then you don’t need to look further than Fitness Connection. I have joined two months ago and I find the instructor to be excellent and the facility ideal.  I enjoy each class and I feel great afterward. – Joseph Chu
 Tai Chi is the perfect answer for me and I totally enjoy my classes at Fitness Connection! Tai Chi is great for improving flexibility, balance, strength and additionally it has a calming and de-stressing effect; it is suitable for just about everyone, regardless of fitness level and age.  I have been going to Fitness Connection for a number of years and they launched Tai Chi class last summer; I would absolutely recommend this.  Our instructor, Agnes, is very knowledgeable and experienced, not to mention incredibly patient.  Even though this is a group class, she manages to give individual attention to everyone, her step by step instruction makes sure we do it properly and therefore enjoy all the benefits. – Poling Chu

Yoga (with Josh)

I enjoy the Yoga classes instructed by Josh for several reasons. His classes are easy to follow in that he gives very specific moves for what hand or leg to use. You can follow the class without watching him or as a new member the visual is always helpful. I find the hour and a half very methodical and not a wishy washy practice. I find the stretching and poses a great benefit and relief from more strenuous classes during the week. I have recommended his class to several friends. – Marie


Letter to Josh: Hi Josh, Want to say how much I enjoy your Yoga classes. You work hard at making each class different while keeping the focus on intricate workings and connections of the whole body …within the Hatha Yoga practice. Each time I come to your class it seems as though I have a new ache de jour or screaming pain but when the class is done my body feels like flying! Keep up the excellent work. Namaste – Kiki

 *  Testimonials are provided by real members who achieved their fitness goals at Fitness Connection. Results are not guaranteed and depend on the individual and their fitness plan