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FAST Youth Program

FAST Youth Program: Saturdays + Evenings

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Our FAST Youth program is all about getting your kids back to a high level of health and fitness while improving their mental strength, confidence and general athletic ability.


The training will consist of a 60-minute, professional coach-guided workout that focuses on: developing strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination, endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness. The kids will be taken through a series of age-appropriate exercises and drills suitable for all levels of fitness and experience and pushed at their own capabilities.


We will be respecting all covid guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all participating. Each parent will receive a set of guidelines that must be followed to ensure the safety of the children and our staff. Each class completed provides a sense of achievement and moves your child one step ahead in their own personal development and well being.

What Parents Are Saying About our Programs!

“The FAST youth program was a fantastic experience for our daughters, age 12 & 9. They were taught the importance of regular exercise and how to exercise properly. They looked forward to each class and always left feeling good with a smile on their faces. They are very excited to get back to the gym when things open up. And so are their parents!”

– Graham F

“My 2 children thoroughly enjoyed the FAST Youth program. They both find it challenging and enjoyable. It also built their confidence in sports. I enrolled them in the program to learn proper forms and to engage them in an active and healthy lifestyle.”

– Reg C

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Meet the Coaches!

Coach Sean has helped a wide range of clients achieve their fitness goals over the past 22 years of his time in the industry. After completing his Honours Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Sean went on to further his education with additional certifications from the I.S.S.A. , N.S.C.A. and Can-Fit Pro in training, nutrition and youth fitness. With this solid foundation and decades of experience, he’s able to properly assess each client’s needs and tailor programming to their specific goals. Additionally, being a father has allowed him to witness first-hand the effects covid has had on youth and their rapidly declining fitness levels. His passion for providing safe and effective workouts for youth has become a key focus of interest not only to help his own 9-year-old, but many others also feeling the effects of reduced physical activity and the technology takeover on their physical, psychological and overall health




Coach Erin

Did you know that youth today may actually face greater health challenges and live
shorter life spans than their parents? While there are advantages to living in a technologically advanced generation, this also contributes to a sedentary lifestyle. The majority of children today struggle to
find a healthy balance between sedentary and physical activities that expend energy. Sedentary behaviours in children and youth are associated with higher risk for obesity, diabetes, and other chronic
health problems.

Erin Jade is a Certified lifespan coach who has the specific knowledge and skills needed to train youth of this generation. Her coaching approach focuses on developing healthy habits for her youth clients that they can continue into adulthood.

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