STAX Sports Therapy, combines active recovery with manual and soft tissue therapies. Operating out of Fitness Connection’s elite training facilities,  clients are able to utilise state of the art equipment to better their physical health.


At STAX, our clinicians focus on fundamentals of movement and the factors that influence those movements. A biomechanical approach is used to assess muscle length, strength, and stability. Normal movement is restored through manual therapies, exercise prescription and the use of physiotherapy modalities.


On occasion, inflammatory pain can be the primary cause of movement limitation. Our clinicians are able to advise on the management of inflammatory causes of pain.

At STAX we focus on physical improvements, no matter where you are starting your physical mobility journey.


Services Provided


Pre-Season/Injury Prevention Scan

A complete assessment of the body’s musculoskeletal function. Active, passive, and combined movements are used to assess an individual’s mobility. Further detail is gathered through specific muscle strength testing, as well as muscle length assessment for reduced muscular length.

Standardized testing of balance, stability, flexibility and motor control are utilized to assess baseline function. Changes in the athlete can be compared to pre-season levels to allow for quicker recovery planning.


Manual Therapies/Mobilisation Techniques

Sessions with our therapists will typically include manual therapies and mobilization techniques. This involves manually moving the body in ways that help to restore normal mobility. Soft tissue, as well as joint manipulations, may be performed to improve the individuals’ movement capabilities.


Acupuncture/ Cupping

Acupuncture, practiced in the framework of physiotherapy allows the practitioner to utilize the traditional Chinese medicine tool in a way that is beneficial to the healing process. Manual stimulation of the points, or electrical stimulation may be applied as part of this treatment. Has a positive effect on endorphin release, and an immediate circulatory response improvement local to the application.


Cupping can also be utilized by your therapist. This technique is used for its pulling capabilities. Much of manual therapies are compressive towards the tissues. With cupping an opposite force can be applied to pull tissues apart. This treatment may be accompanied by local erythema or reddening of the skin local to the application.


Base Zone Training 

These sessions are exercise-based and focus on key regions of the body that may impact a person’s ability to exercise effectively. Stability training, body-weighted exercises, flexibility, and mobility are the primary goals for improvement.

With the skills developed in these sessions, the individual will have a greater understanding of correct movement patterns for sport, activity, and life. Complete the Base Zone Training Program and leave with a new sense of confidence with movement.

Physiotherapist lead Performance Training

This program is for the more experienced athlete. Utilizing the expertise of elite trainers and physical rehabilitation specialists, the program design will incorporate higher intensity movements. Changes to performance outcomes are the focus, with individual goals established for each client.



How you look is 70% diet and 30% what you do in the gym. You can train all you want, but if you’re not eating to reach your goals, you’re just wasting time. Our Certified Nutritionists complete a full assessment of each client to evaluate all nutritional needs, specific dietary restrictions, intolerances, history, and food preferences.


With that information, they can properly customize a nutrition program that’s been tailored to YOU and your individual goals, not something you found online. If you’re actually serious about getting results, you need to be on a custom plan designed for you, created by a Sports Nutritionist / Fitness Coach with 21 years of experience and demonstrated results with over 500 transformation success stories. This is not an extreme, quick-fix weight loss diet. We’re teaching people lifestyle habits that can be maintained to produce the body they truly want for the rest of their life.




Athletic Therapy is for everyone – rapid return to work and play!


Our Athletic therapy appointments include athletic taping, stretching, soft tissue
release, joint mobilizations, muscle energy, nerve flossing, and proprioceptive neuromuscular
patterns. Active rehabilitation forms the foundation of my treatment philosophy that
“movement is healing” by prescribing therapeutic exercises – physical activities that help
restore and build flexibility, range of motion, strength, and proprioception. Athletic Therapy
can  rapidly help everyone return to everyday life – whether they are recovering from an
ergonomic injury, sports injury, or the elderly balancing, walking, and taking the stairs.


Although Athletic Therapists assess and rehabilitate injuries, our goal is to prevent injuries
before they even happen by implementing individual or team dynamic warm-ups and cool-
downs. For example, the FIFA 11+ is scientifically proven to reduce the risk and number of ACL
injuries in soccer players by 30-50%. Athletic Therapists can develop completely personalized
warm-ups and cool-downs to prevent injuries specific to your sport, work, or activity.


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