Check out our new classes for Winter 2019!

Iron Beats:
Get lean, toned and fit with this total body, heart pumping, strength training workout that is set to the tempo of the music. Easy to follow with no complex choreography, this addictive workout will challenge all of your major muscle groups by using various types of tools to strengthen and tone your entire body.

Channel your “inner rock star” and join the “pound” craze!
The Pound workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping full body workout. Drum your way to a stronger, leaner body, and burn up to 900+ calories per hour! Strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, enhance your balance and co-ordination, rhythm, speed, agility and endurance all the while rocking out to awesome playlists!

Ab, butt & thighs ( ABT ):
Just like the name says, this class focuses primarily on the ab, butt and thigh region. It’s got a triple targeted goal! This involves all the muscle conditioning exercises of a regular fitness class but with the goal to tighten and accent those crucial areas of your physique. Using a variety of exercise tools, strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises, this class guarantees to deliver a challenging workout that will yield the results you are looking for.